"This authoritative text, enhanced by many rare photographs from the early days, tells the Harley-Davidson story in comprehensive detail, relating the company's history in peacetime and in war.  The various developments of the V-twin engine and every other model ever produced are described in detail.  


...no book on the subject would be complete without a discussion of customized Harleys that have become a substantial industry on both sides of the Atlantic.  With the enormous range of specialized suppliers and workshops offering accessories and services, each Harley owner has the freedom to create a bike that is literally unique.  In this respect, as in all others,  this book is unsurpassable - the large format and superb color photography allow the customizers art to be displayed in all its infinitely varied, often bizarre - and sometimes totally overwhelming - splendor."


- The Publisher

Harley Davidson : History

  • Harley-Davidson : History
  • Albert Saladini & Pascal Szymezak
  • Condition : Good / Good : Birthday inscrition to "Mark" on his 40th inside cover.  
  • 1st
  • Hardcover w/ dust jacket
  • 1997 Barnes & Noble Books
  • ISBN : 0-7607-0484-8