• 52-piece assortment of the most popular OE-style replacement hardware for street and off-road motorcycles and ATVs.
  • Metric class (grade) 8.8 for outstanding wear and durability.
  • Perfect size to carry in your tool box or saddlebag.

Motion Pro 52 Piece Metric Hardware Kit

  • 4x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x20
  • 8x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x16
  • 4x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x12
  • 4x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x25
  • 4x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x30
  • 2x Flange Bolt M8x1.25x16
  • 2x Flange Bolt M8x1.25x20
  • 4x Phillips Pan-Head Screw M5x0.8x10
  • 2x Flange Nut M6x1.0
  • 2x Flange Nut M8x1.25 
  • 6x Fender Washer 6mmx22mm 
  • 10x Fender Washer 6mmx16mm