"Some of the most respected names in road racing have contributed chapters to the Castrol Motorcycle Racing Manual. Photographs - a vital edition to a book which covers such a colorful sport as road racing - have been provided by three of the country's top experts in this field, Nick Nicholls, Malcolm Carling and Brian Holder.  


The combination of all these talents adds up to an infomative and topical commentary on road racing today [1973].  I hope that the experienced competitor and the knowledgable spectator will gain as much from these pages as the newcomer to a sport which is now enjoying what the Japanese would call another 'golden age'."


- Mike Nicks, Editor

Castrol Motorcycle Racing Manual

  • Castol Motorcycle Racing Manual
  • Edited by Mike Nicks
  • Condition : Fair / Good - Worn cover, pages are crisp and unmarked with slight aging at the edges.   Owner inscription. 
  • 1st/1st
  • Hardcover
  • 1973 Patrick Stephens Limited & Castrol Limited
  • ISBN : 0-85059-122-8