"Ever since its inception, the motorcycle has been a source of speed and excitement, an object of aesthetic appreciation, and a focus for ingenious technological innovation in almost equal measure.   A worldwide community of enthusiast has grown up around these apparently irresistable machines.  The Illustrated History of Motor Cycles provides a lively and authoritative account of the development of the motor cycle from its earliest forms through the age of pioneering inventors, the 'golden age' of the 1920s, the watersheds of the two world wars, up to the more familiar, but no less exciting, models of recent times.  Sections on great designers, on speed records, important tabulated technical information, and a lavishly illustrated chapter on classic bikes of motorcycling history all combine to make the Illustrated History of Motor Cycles an indispensable source of information and enjoyment for enthusiast and general reader alike." 

- The Publisher

The Illustrated History of Motorcycles

  • The Illustrated History of Motorcycles
  • Edited by Erwin Tragatsch
  • Condition : Good / Good
  • Hardcover w/ dust jacket
  • 1979 Quarto Publishing Ltd
  • ISBN : 0 906286 07 7