"This Maintenance Manual has been compiled to enable the owner to service his motorcycle and thoroughly to understand it's mechanism.  This book is written on a practical basis and no attempt has been made to introduce the theoretical side. 


The book is well illustrated with exploded and assembled illustrations of the main units, which will give the operator a comprehensive view of the internal parts before commencing an operation and will also assist during assembly."


- The Publisher

Triumph Instruction Manual No. 11

  • Instruction Manual No. 11 : For Triumph Motorcycles
  • Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Condition : Poor / Fair  - significant cover and spine wear, limited grease marks, owner's inscription inside cover. Otherwise bright, crisp, ledgable, and unmarked (no notes).  A remarkable example of vintage British Motorcycle Manuals.   Perfect for a collector, owner, or enthusiast. 
  • April 1957
  • Softcover
  • 1957 Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Ref. 350/57