An American inspired leather jacket for the life you live. Built for the road. Ride or drive. This jacket does it all.

VKTRE designed this jacket to celebrate their West Coast heritage. After riding in LA and California for years, they thought it best to show appreciation by creating an all American jacket influenced by their community from start to finish. In fact, they work with a local family-owned tannery to supply all the high-quality leather and hardware, including snaps and buckles.

Whether you're riding through the Blue Ridge, or crosstown a show at the Anthem, this jacket is an exceptional choice - on or off the bike. 

VKTRE Moto Co. Heritage Jacket

  • Breathe-able full grain cowhide. VKTRE's quality leather is minimally processed and never sanded. That means it retains its natural strength and allows for better breathe-ability than other similar weight leathers.
  • Pockets for the ability to add or remove CE rated motorcycle armor.
  • The collar buckle allows for adjustments to tighten or loosen the fit for comfort, layering, or helmet style.
  • Made with rich, café colored leather sourced from our hometown. 1.2 - 1.3 mm thick.
  • Adjustable cuff tabs allow for 3 incremental positions to block air from rushing into the jacket.
  • Ergonomically designed for all day comfortable wear on or off a motorbike. 
  • 4 outside pockets and one large zippered inside pocket for item storage.
  • Two way zipper allows for comfort in all riding/driving positions.