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Intro to Motorcycles!

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🏍✨Sept 13th 7.30pm ::

This is a free class for all new riders, folks who've been thinking about it, commuters, adventurers, and potential passengers. All are welcome to attend! If you have a friend who furtively glances at your motorcycle in that special way, forward this invitation or bring them on down.

We will cover topics including:

⚡️Am I going to immediately die if I ride a motorcycle?

⚡️How do I convince my mother/spouse/special friend that I haven't lost my mind?

⚡️What will it cost to get started, including the bike, gear, license, registration, insurance, and tattoos?

⚡️What do all those levers and buttons do, and how do I operate the brakes, clutch, and transmission?

⚡️Can I buy a motorcycle online, and if not, where the heck do I get one?

🏁Armed with all this information and the answers to any additional questions you might have, you will have NO EXCUSE not to get that bike you always wanted!🏁✌️

Sept 13th


2007 Fenwick St. NE

Washington DC


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