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We can’t believe you guys are interested in this crap. I mean we’re passionate about it, but our feeling are written on the inside cover…we’re going nowhere. That thought is challenged though when we see your ugly mugs run your greasy fingers through our pages. It's weird to think you guys care enough to show up and hold these. Or Maybe you’re just here to party and thats cool too. These events are a great excuse to get drunk and say things you’ll regret later. We’ll be doing exactly that.

In all seriousness we appreciate you guys coming and we love making these things. We’re constantly improving the quality and hope to bring you the most interesting-est content on a consistent basis.

That and typos. We will bring you lots of typos.

-The Editors of Zarkin Froods

4 - 8pm

Saturday Jan 20th

2007 Fenwick St. NE DC

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