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Moto Movie Night : AKIRA

Motorcycle Movie, Akira, Washington DC, Events, Cinema, Film

"Aw, damn it, my motor-coils were just getting warmed up."

- Shotaro Kaneda

We've seen the Black Rebels, MegaForce, The Beetles, Gravediggers, and Living Dead MC - NOW Get Ready For - THE CAPSULES.

War orphans TETSUO & KANEDA, ride Neo Tokyo with their gang THE CAPSULES! Their weird-ass future life is interrupted by more weird-ass future stuff. Tetsuo & Kaneda find their friendship [AND CLUB] put to the test as they're swept into a world ending government conspiracy.

Featuring :: The Clowns MC, MOTOR-COILS, Generals w/Buzz cuts, Floating psychic old children (how old is the oldest baby?), Giant Techno-blobs, Recumbent motorcycles, LAZER-GUNS, a cult, + MORE

Feb 8th




2007 Fenwick St. NE DC


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