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Intro to Motorcycles

Intro to Motorcycles

Sunday, May 20th 2018, 6:00PM

Weekend session!!

This is a free class for all prospective or new riders, commuters, adventurers, and potential passengers. All are welcome to attend. If you have a friend who furtively glances at your motorcycle in that special way, forward this invitation or bring them on down.

We'll cover : Types of bikes, Insurance, Safety Training, Certification, Gear, Helmets, Local Clubs, Rides, & Adventures!

This is not a training course and doesn't involve riding : i.e. the perfect low pressure environment to ask every question you've ever had about two wheel life.

Share this post with any and all friends you think should -finally- be on that bike, scooter, moped, or dirt bike they're always talking about!

Can't make it to this event? No worries! We'll be hosting Intro to Motorcycles (and Maintenance) on a regular basis all summer.

Find details to get started on your own from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation & American Motorcyclist Association!

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