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June '18 Workshops

Motorcycle, carburetor, mechanic, parts, education

This June at DUNN LEWIS, we're hosting INTRO to Maintenance AND Chassis Maintenance w/ Clay.

Come on down for INTRO, to begin your wrenching journey, and/or expand your mechanical skills at the Workshop!

Motorcycle, Education, Free Event, Washington DC

This is a free class! We'll be going over everything you need to know to keep your bike running strong and riding smooth for years to come. Mason & Tyler will discuss the essentials of a rider's tool roll, how to handle the most common service issues (chain, sprockets, tires, fluids, and electrical shorts), where to find information and parts for more complicated repairs, and common mistakes made by beginner mechanics. If you have any specific questions relating to your bike, we'll also have plenty of Q&A time to talk through diagnosis and repair.

Thursday, June 14th


Motorcycle Mechanic,  Education, Event, Washington DC, Motorcycle

$20 //


Clay dives into the nitty-gritty of chassis maintenance : Pivot and steering bearings, suspension adjustment, ergo setup, and MORE!

"The chassis workshop will cover routine maintenance and replacement of swing-arm pivots, wheel bearings and steering head bearings, plus a discussion of chassis modification, motorcycle geometry, and suspension tuning. Bring all your bike handling questions, or your wobbly barely-rideable motorcycle for diagnosis."

Lots of time for Q&A.

Space is LIMITED

Thursday, June 21st

7 - 9PM


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