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Review : Rev'it! Dirt 2 Gloves

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We know it's shitty & rainy atm but the Dirt 2 Gloves by REV'IT! are fantastic regardless. Scott has been wearing them through the summer and was kind enough to write up some of his impressions...

Those who have been down know that one’s hands are usually, always, the first point of contact in an unscheduled dismount. So how do you keep your literal cool while protecting your digits? Leather has always been known as the gold standard in motorcycle gear, but anyone who’s worn a black leather jacket in a DC summer knows that the Greaser look quickly becomes Greasier.

Textiles have made leaps and bounds in terms of tensile strength, but even the tightest weave hasn’t surpassed it’s cowhide counterpart. The ideal summer solution is a glove that strikes the perfect balance of protection and airflow.

This is where the Rev’it Dirt 2 Gloves come into play. When conquering the heat on two wheels airflow is the name of the game, and Rev’it came with a twofold approach : The fingertips [two of them adorned with a smartphone screen-sensitive material] and cuff are made up of a polyamide mesh to keep a nice breeze flowing through. Polyamide is a plasticine textile that is used to make synthetic leathers, and has tremendous tear and abrasion resistance. Perforated Goatskin leather was used on the palms and fingers to provide added protection at a price point that still remains competitive.

One of the best aspects of these gloves is the armor. The knuckles are covered with hard thermoformed plastic knuckles, while the palm is complimented with the rubberized Seesmart armor that’s fully CE rated. Even the fingers have Temperfoam padding on the fingers to protective sensitive joints.

While, fortunately, I have not had to test the impact protection of these gloves, their airflow is wonderful. As any new glove goes, the fit errors on the snug side but after a few spirit rides the Dirt 2 literally fit like a glove. They allow for an incredible amount of tactile feel on the controls, which is exceptionally appreciated when covering the brake and clutch in urban traffic. And as soon as you break free from the snarl the cooling feeling is instantaneously relieving. None of the armor feels obtrusive and it’s well molded to the contours of your hands. One of my favorite features by far is the touch screen fingers. Being able to stop and check the GPS or cue up a new playlist without having to de-glove is an incredible asset that i’ll never go without again.

Even though the Dirt 2 come from an off-road pedigree, they’ve served me quite well as a touring glove. Last month I did a 1,400 mile weekend loop and the gloves were essential to keeping my comfort level. Wearing the shorter style cuff under my Airwave 2 Jacket allowed for an even greater level of cooling, and the perfect fit + comfort of material staved off any hand fatigue from 14+ hour throttle days. And now after a few laps around the famed DC Dirt Track, my favorite pair of gloves have finally gotten soiled enough to live up to their namesake.

Words & Photos : Scott Bradley

Rev'it's Dirt 2 Gloves are available at DUNN LEWIS

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