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Review : Prism Supply Co. Vintage Safety Glasses

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This review is going to be as straightforward as you can get.

Prism’s Vintage Safety Glasses glasses work. Plain and simple.

Retro-inspired glasses that are sturdy, reliable, and, honestly, quite fashionable. They’ll keep you seeing clearly no matter what you attempt doing. Doesn't matter if you're scooting around town to your favorite “look-cool” spots, grinding a nice shine on a custom bracket, or blasting through back-roads - Prism’s glasses will keep you looking fresh. Literally and figuratively.

I picked mine up at Prism’s vendor table while ambling around Fuel Cleveland. Maybe it was the numerous beers, or maybe it was the classic industrial elegance of the glasses. Regardless, I immediately knew I wanted them despite having a reliable and trusted pair of 100% Goggles in my backpack.

Goggles might be more practical and offer slightly better noise cancellation, but as someone who rides a Harley—not to mention a vintage Harley—practicality isn’t always my first thought. “Style for miles, functionality for a little while,” that’s my motto. So after a quick exchange with the Prism boys and an unlucky roll of their Cee-lo dice for kicks, the glasses were mine.

The next day I gave the glasses their first real stress test. Our ride back from Cleveland to DC was a 400 mile,13 hour, back-road throttle jam session (more about this particular ride later). After riding into the sun all day, we finally hit Maryland and I knew we were in the homestretch. As the sun was setting it was time to take off my TJ Maxx sunglasses and pop on my minty new Prism specs. Time to see if they were worth the investment.

Within the first two minutes, any doubts I had about grabbing these glasses was immediately dispelled. Not only was there essentially NO wind hitting my eyes (the TJ Maxx sunglasses get a 5/5 stars for style and 2.5/5 stars for wind reduction), but I didn’t get a single bug in my helmet.

The glasses sit comfortably on your face, with no behind the ear pinch. After about an hour's worth of riding you’ll most likely forget you’re wearing them. I certainly did and kept touching them to make sure I hadn’t lost them.

I haven’t had cause yet to wear my Prism glasses while doing shop work, but I’d imagine they’d hold up just as well if not better. The only con I have for these glasses is that when you wear them it causes some kind of optical illusion and your eyes appear slightly bigger. But as a personal fan of Trailer Park Boys, I don’t mind looking a little like Bubbles [NSFW] at all.

Prism’s Vintage Safety Glasses are available to snag on their website. Don’t sleep on them! With Daylight Savings ending soon you’re gonna need to grab yourself a reliable set of riding clears.

Available online at ::

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