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What's Good!?

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September 24th - October 1st Edition.

What's Good in the world of motorcycling this week!?

It's raining again and Fall is here - our favorite time of year to ride. It's the "used motorcycle buying season" as well, a perfect time to find your winter project.

MotoGP is in the final stretch and Marc Marquez [Honda] basically has it locked down with 246 points. We're not sure of the math ourselves, but Dovizioso [Ducati] and Rossi [Yamaha] trail w/ 174 & 159 points respectively.

Here's what we found interesting this week...

Articles ::

Events ::

Videos ::

For Sale* ::

Events? News? Cool Articles? Bike for Sale? or just Something Good?

Let us know!

*Note : We don't know these bikes, do not consider them "vetted", we just think they're cool and worth a look. For all we know, they're scams. Heck, the seller might be 3 children in a trench coat. Always exercise common sense and safe practices when responding to classified ads.

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