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INTRO to Motorcycles

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Thursday, October 4th


Free // All are welcome

This is a free class for all prospective or new riders, commuters, adventurers, and potential passengers. All are welcome to attend. If you have a friend who furtively glances at your motorcycle in that special way, forward this invitation or bring them on down.

We'll cover : Types of bikes, Insurance, Safety Training, Certification, Gear, Helmets, Local Clubs, Rides, & Adventures!

This is not a training course and doesn't involve riding : i.e. the perfect low pressure environment to ask every question you've ever had about two wheel life.

Share this post with any and all friends you think should -finally- be on that bike, scooter, moped, or dirt bike they're always talking about!

Can't make it to this event? No worries! We host regular Intro to Motorcycles (and Maintenance).

Find details to get started on your own from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation & American Motorcyclist Association

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