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What's Good!?

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October 1st - 7th Edition.

What's Good in the world of motorcycling this week!?

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride DC was a huge success with 300+ riders. DC Triumph's organizers have worked hard to make this one of the most inclusive motorcycle events DC has to offer. And it shows!

You can see the real deal, on the track, this weekend at the American Flat Track Meadowlands Mile!

Here's what we found interesting this week...

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For Sale* ::

Events? News? Cool Articles? Bike for Sale? or just Something Good?

Let us know!

*Note : We don't know these bikes, do not consider them "vetted", we just think they're cool and worth a look. For all we know, they're scams. Heck, the seller might be 3 children in a trench coat. Always exercise common sense and safe practices when responding to classified ads.

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