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Daytona TT

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American Flat Track is back for 2019 and we're jumping in! Come on down to DUNN LEWIS Thursday, March 14th, for the Daytona TT LIVE!

This is our first year showing AFT at the shop and we're pretty excited about it. Fast paced, simple, raw, and accessible - it's the kind of sideways speed you can aspire to in an empty lot.

Even the motorcycles themselves are the sort of machines you could build in a local shop... Big singles, V-twins, loose the front brake, strip everything off (drop that weight), glue on a foam seat, fit those 19" rims, and take off.

What we're saying is, it's exciting as heck and very real.

Schedule :

  • 7.20pm : RSD Super HOOLIGAN Racing Exhibition

  • 8.50pm : AFT Singles Main 1

  • 9:20pm : AFT Twins Main 1


All Ages

All Are Welcome



RSD Super Hooligan Racing

American Flat Track 2018 Season Recap :


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