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What's Good!?

What's Good!?  Washington DC Motorcycle News from DUNN LEWIS

August 23 to August 30th Edition

What's Good!?

It's the last week of August and like the millionth week of Covid restrictions. Wash your hands, wear a mask, get your vaccine. There are more two wheel vehicles in DC than ever. It's sort of a mixed bag, the Revel and Lime scooter riders don't wave to us. Our theory is they think we're making fun, but we're not! Anything that reduces cars downtown is ok in our book. Here's a collection of links that we found interesting or entertaining. Enjoy!

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  • SAVE THE DATE - Sept 19th, DUNN LEWIS Social & Part Swap

  • SAVE THE DATE - Aug 26th. September Education Announcment, Classes & Dates

Bikes for Sale* ::

Events? News? Cool Articles? Bike for Sale? or just Something Good?

Let us know!

*Note : We don't know these bikes, do not consider them "vetted", we just think they're cool and worth a look. For all we know, they're scams. Heck, the seller might be 3 children in a trench coat. Always exercise common sense and safe practices when responding to classified ads.

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