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DUNN LEWIS, Motorcycle Shop, Triumph Motorcycle, Biltwell Helmet, VKTRE,  Leather Jacket, Motorcycle Jacket, Uglybros, Motorcycle Pants

Helmet : Biltwell Bonanza [$100], Biltwell Mirror Bubble Shield [$30] / Jacket : VKTRE Pilot Racer Jacket [$850] / Pants : UglyBros Motorpool-k [$360] / Gloves : Biltwell Work Glove [$50] / Bike : 2006 Triumph Bonneville


Pilot Racer

Leather Jacket by VKTRE Moto Co.

Motorcyclist and airmen are cut from similar cloth, slicing through the air at break neck speeds and threading the needle through the tightest quarters. The classic pilot's jacket has come into the 21st century with this gorgeous piece of kit from VKTRE. The shearling collar keeps out the chill for your New York Ave bombing runs. Resilient American sourced leather lined with armor pockets guard your hide from the perils of the road. Whether it’s racing to the corner cafe or running down a Blue Ridge sunset, this Jacket can handle it all.

Check out the gallery below and shop the complete look here.


Words & Photos by Scott Bradley

Model is Justin Ward

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