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A Love Supreme

Norton 650ss, Motorcycle, Vintage Motorcycle, Washington DC, Leather Jacket, VKTRE, Biltwell, Motorcycle Helmet, DUNN LEWIS,

Helmet : Biltwell Gringo S [$220] / Jacket : VKTRE Heritage Road [$750] / Pants : Rev'it Lombard 2 [$240] / Gloves : Rev'it Bastille [$100] / Bike : 1965 Norton 650SS


First things first, follow the link and get John Coltrane's seminal classic A Love Supreme playing.


Brian found the '65 Norton 650ss hanging around a bar in downtown DC. This motorcycle had taken the long way round... UK to Canberra and, in some bizarre twist, onward to DC.

Thirteen years in that window!

Anyway... life has a way of happening, the bar closed, and Brian bought the Norton.

It took a few weeks of wrenching and test rides : new coils, diodes, doodads, and what-nots but the old Norton is running strong now.

We followed Brian and the Norton on a grey, yet fresh, midwinter day to the National Arboretum.

Check it all out in the gallery below.

Shop the look, feat. VKTRE, Rev'it, and Biltwell, here.


Words by Mason Anderson-Sweet

Photos by Scott Bradley

Model is Brian Farrell

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